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Jessica TW by WhimsyWanda
Jessica TW
Jesus I hate drawing it is the worst thing to exist ever :I

Since Nurt did a purdy new app I thought I’d better do one as well <3


Name: Jessica LaFleur

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5’7”

Weight: Is a size 12

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: American (Southern)

Status: In a warehouse talking to a ghost like a bauss

Weapon: Stealth and good flexibility – she lost her trusty frying pan

Appearance: Curvy Southern lady is curvy and cute. Her hair pretty much defies gravity with its bounciness. She does have a few scrapes and bruises thanks to the forest though and her clothes have seen better days.

Personality: Jessica is sweet and loves to take care of folk, but she also has a bit of a temper on her when she doesn’t get her way.

Likes: Dancing, James, Swimming, Cooking, Horse-riding, Shooting

Dislikes: Unnecessary violence, infidelity, arrogance

Background/History: Jessica was pulled through the wing mirror of her husband’s car while beating it up with a frying pan after discovering he had been cheating on her. She worked as a burlesque dancer but dreamt of being on broadway. Parts of Wonderland made her happy to be there, but with all the violence and deception she just wanted to go home. Having hidden out in a warehouse she met James, a ghost boy stuck in a mirror. After having accidentally killed a guard looking for people she’s become a bit more jaded with everything and the only reason she isn’t desperately trying to leave now is James.

She is loyal-ish to Hatter in that she does not care who is in charge because they are all as bad as one another.


God Bless dollmakers for making my life easier. I heavily referenced this one à… cause I cannot draw :’D


After not being on DA in forever I'll probably start joining up RP groups again come summer :D I'm moving to Japan and am going to be working an actual 9-5 job (I know right? I'll actually have a schedule and not be in work at all times of the day). You have no idea how super excited I am at the prospect of always knowing what my shifts are, NO FRICKIN' IDEA.

So if any of y'all are in Japan feel free to babysit me, otherwise please suggest RP groups for me to look out for in a few months <3 

Also I know like no Japanese so I'll probably be a bundle of nerves in April and keep posting about it. Maybe with random phrases in Japanese if I can figure it out.

Check me out, putting a journal up and everything. #YOLOSWAG 


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United Kingdom
Herpa derpa

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